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      I’m amplifying the experiences of Black children, teens and families through children’s literature and mental health support. I’m doing my part to normalize joy and mental wellness throughout the African diaspora.





        Danielle is on a mission to expose children, teens and families to literature that support their mental wellness. Considering the disparities and barriers that prevent people of color from accessing quality mental health support, Danielle is determined to raise awareness and shatter the stigma associated with mental health support.


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        What People Are Saying

        Starting the book publishing process can be a stressful task especially if your doing it independently ! Working with Danielle to help get my book off the ground has been a breath of fresh air, her guidance, patience, and understanding of how stressful publishing a book independently gave me a safe space to ask anything I wanted. I am forever relieved and grateful by her diligence with answering each question to the best of her ability. I would definitely recommend Danielle as a book publishing coach and plan to use her services again on my next one!

        ~Keanna Hinds, BSN, RN 
        Author of Grieving Granny

        I really can not say enough about how much we appreciate Danielle and her practice. Whether hosting a mental health & wellness seminar for our teachers or working directly with a family in need, she has played an integral part in helping Seneca Village Montessori to create a supportive, reflective and healthy school community.

        ~Mama Sharifa Hodges, MsED

        Director of Seneca Village Montessori School 

        I invited Danielle on a panel along with other mental health counselors to have a discussion with community college students about the importance of mental health in Black and Hispanic communities.  Not only is Danielle clearly an expert in her field, but she was also able to connect with students with regards to sensitive topics related to: the lack of mental health resources in Black and Brown communities, the media’s role in reinforcing trauma when showing repetitive graphic videos of social injustice (i.e. George Floyd killing), and the importance of prioritizing self-care and seeking professional help. 

        ~Tashana S. Samuel, PhD

         Assistant Professor, Guttman Community College, CUNY

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