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Are you a Boy Dad that wants to create genuine moments with your son? Finally, a journal for dads and their sons to enjoy together! Dad’s Whole Heart: an interactive journal to deepen the connection between Boy Dads and their Teen Sons. This journal includes guided questions, fun activities and lots of free space for your thoughts. If you’re a dad, bonus dad, godfather, uncle, grandfather, or father figure to a teenage son this is the perfect tool to spark dialogue. This dad-son journal can support a relationship that is strong or one that needs a little more TLC.


Throughout the journal, Dad and Son can explore their thoughts and feelings about identity, relationships, self-esteem, finances, personal development and wellness. This journal celebrates the dynamic relationship between dads and their sons and normalizes the ups and downs of the relationship. Quality time is a gift- use this journal to learn more about each other and take the first steps to redefine and renew the relationship.

Dad's Whole Heart: An Interactive Journal

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